Allison Gunnells

I am a writer, an educator, a learner, a lover, an observer, a seeker of truth and justice.

When I was eight, my older brother bought me my first diary. It had a lock. The sea blue journal was decorated with small butterflies that seemed to dance upon the cover. I took a pen and wrote the first words on those pages and began to find the beauty of this craft and art. Ever since then, I have been capturing all of the nonsensical and well, hopefully, some sense of the world around me as I have experienced it.

Like the blue diary I recently dusted off; I have kept the locks of my writings clamped shut. Not only have my words been trapped but I allowed bars to be placed around my heart.

This is my journey to let go and find my authentic self and truth through poetry, art, music, photography and most of all passion. Thank you for joining me.

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