Elsa’s Heart

The locks which free the doors do not unlock with ease here.

The harder you press,
the more force you hold
with the key;
the lock will not open.

Only with gentleness
will it turn to unlock.

Like Elsa.

So soft.
So tender.
So humble.

Every morning she rises like the sun.
She sings and prays and tends to the garden.

Like these locks,
she will you
break you open
with ease,
just like she
did my heart.

You will see the garden
that she proudly
waters everyday
bloom before your eyes.

You will see the
mustard yellow paint
on the
wall shine
a little brighter.

You will see the plants
in the corridor
swoosh up down
and all around.

You can see
the handmade
Mayan flower pots
being recreated
before your eyes.

And if you look through the archway
that leads past the kitchen
you will see her room.

She has no door.

She does not have a lock
to shut you out.

Pinned upon the ceiling
you can see
a curtain flowing
in the gentle breeze
as it enters through
the open roof
to our night sky.

The Show Must Be Paused


Yesterday, a day to disconnect from social media and connect with our community. Connecting with community outside of social media these days is made difficult when there is also a pandemic that keeps many of us inside and isolated worried about the health of our loved ones. – An enormous Thank You to those who are out protesting, on the frontlines, and the essential workers. Be safe and well.

Yesterday, I spent a lot of my time thinking about how I could do better and be better in this new world we see unfolding before our eyes. How do I and will I continue to show up for this fight against injustice?

So, I disconnected and I got to work.

I decided to do it. I started this website that I have been wanting to create for so many years now. I desire to share my poetry, my stories of life and adventure, education, justice, injustice and love AND I have been terrified. I still am petrified, to be honest. However, yesterday, I remembered that this is no time to be silent. This is the time to speak up and share our truth and hopefully make a difference and stand up against hate and violence.

There are many ways I wish I could be out in the world right now if it weren’t due to a pandemic; protesting out on the steps of the Capitol, giving awkwardly long hugs to people, visiting former students and families, or serving together in the community. I know I will be able to do that again soon. For now, I realize I can use this art form to begin to find my way and use this as a means to help others gain new perspectives and insights; a place where I can learn take feedback and criticism and learn to be better.

Recently, I was talking to a good friend about my fear of putting my words out there in a way I never have before. Not only will I share my thoughts, stories and poetry… But because I am an educator and a white woman who has been working in marginalized schools and communities for 18 years now, I MUST now share the truth of what I have witnessed in this racist system. It is a bias system. Our most marginalized need our help and I must be vulnerable and not be silent. The system is corrupt. And we have to do something about it. However; I am learning, growing and working on checking my privilege and being more Anti-racist myself. And believe me when I say- as trainer and educator, I have fallen on my face several times in regards to these difficult topics. All of these fears washed over me. I am not sure my tender heart knows how to process all of this.

What if I say something wrong? Or my intentions are misread? What if I say something to offend my black and brown friends or any other groups who different than me when my intentions are the opposite? What if I am mistaken?

She reminded me that at times I just might be and reminded me that as long as I have an open mind and heart I WILL be better and learn. She reassured me that I have always been true to my heart. There is no time to worry about the “what ifs” and that as long as I know my intentions and am willing to learn when I DO get it wrong, it will be amazing and worth it. I am lucky to have her, and few other of the most supportive friends and who have always had my back, especially when it comes to me falling on my face 🙂 And I know, that with the support of my community, family and friends, I will learn and grow. And hopefully that will begin to make a difference.

Let’s do better. Let’s BE better. It is never too late.

Our America

Our America

Land of the
“we are not free”,
land of lies
and hypocrisy.

Social Injustice:

We fight for Equality,
but it is misleading.
As we see,
by climbing higher
and crushing humanity.

Two thousand twenty,
borders rise high.
shades of
Pretending that
no one can see,
that there is no
such idea as free.

Our band-aid is

Well, as long
as the people….

are diplomatic,

Their brains
aren’t too
or bureaucratic…

Oh! And,
Erratic, charismatic views of

The American Dream
Is a fallacy
in our mind,
as we are jumping
over the borders
and the hatred line.
Maybe someday
America will recognize
the beautiful

Eyes are dead
to anyone suffering
or in pain.
Inferiority still remain.
As long as we continue to echo
the sounds of brown
we will still be
Separate and have no

So, it is your job
and it is mine,
to stop talking
words of hate
we Must cross
these border

It begins with a peek
to the other side
maybe we can
even become
apart of
something different.



Something to move past
this judgment..

I write.

Hoping that
the power of our voices
will someday
change Minds and
change young

Let’s become allies to
join this fight,
to help break down…
this wall of
still existing
verses Board and Brown.

we must
open our eyes
to clearly see.
The soul must burn
in order to be set free.

If the heart doesn’t break,
the spirit
is dead.

The challenge is difficult.
Let’s take the dare
to be the antithesis that
You know America.

This America,
Our America,
can be
an equitable land
Of healing
truth and honesty.

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