Elsa’s Heart

The locks which free the doors do not unlock with ease here.

The harder you press,
the more force you hold
with the key;
the lock will not open.

Only with gentleness
will it turn to unlock.

Like Elsa.

So soft.
So tender.
So humble.

Every morning she rises like the sun.
She sings and prays and tends to the garden.

Like these locks,
she will you
break you open
with ease,
just like she
did my heart.

You will see the garden
that she proudly
waters everyday
bloom before your eyes.

You will see the
mustard yellow paint
on the
wall shine
a little brighter.

You will see the plants
in the corridor
swoosh up down
and all around.

You can see
the handmade
Mayan flower pots
being recreated
before your eyes.

And if you look through the archway
that leads past the kitchen
you will see her room.

She has no door.

She does not have a lock
to shut you out.

Pinned upon the ceiling
you can see
a curtain flowing
in the gentle breeze
as it enters through
the open roof
to our night sky.

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